Never Trust a Bikey if He Don't Drink Beer

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Anonymous said: I'm confused, all this stuff says you like no one etc but aren't you with hannah?

yeah but all those other things were from agez ago, ja feel?

Anonymous said: riddle me this, if god is not real, then how can i, a simple lima bean, use the inter web?

i think, and i may be wrong here but just hear me out… maybe youre not actually a lima bean?

Anonymous said: have you had sex?


Anonymous said: do you have any idea who it was who sent you the anon about hurting you?

negative, do you?

Anonymous said: do you forgive people who hurt you easily?

yeah forgive and forget most of the time

Anonymous said: you are so Beautiful. !! :*

thanks dard xx

Anonymous said: Would you rather have sex in a car or on an airplane ?

car fo sure

Anonymous said: are you rich ?

i live in the ghetto man 

Anonymous said: what beaches do you go too ??

im a 6015 local so often go to city beach but if i want to catch up with people then i go to cott

Anonymous said: do you have a type of girl

my favourite types of girls are ones with vaginas